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CISO Demo Day: 
Threat Detection and Response

Buy Tech. Better.

Why become a supplier?


Now more than ever, enabling your sales teams to be efficient and targeted while investing in activities that uncover qualified prospects is vital.

The CISO Demo day series is designed to help streamline the buying process for practitioners and allow solution providers to efficiently meet a large group of qualified prospects in s short space of time bypassing much of the usual prospecting work.

As one of only 4-6 carefully selected suppliers on the event you will have a unique opportunity to engage your target market.

  • Meet and demonstrate your product with 20+ pre-qualified IT Security leaders with a need for your solution.

  • Delegates are only attending for the purpose of evaluating potential solutions so there are no distractions, just direct conversations about how you can help them.

  • Each supplier receives the same platform to present their product so you’re engaging prospects on a level playing field.

  • Invite a customer to present with you to showcase your solution in action and demonstrate the real-world benefits. 

  • Generate immediate engagement and follow up with the attendees most interested in your offering.

  • Access attendee profiling to enable both parties to more easily identify their best potential partners.

For information, complete the form or contact Rhys Ghorashi today on +61 (0)424 467 120 or rhys.ghorashi@coriniumgroup.com 

For information, complete the form or contact Rhys Ghorashi today on +61 (0)424 467 120 or rhys.ghorashi@coriniumgroup.com